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About Us

A little about how we began and where we are going.

Robert Spiegel got into the mortgage/real estate world after he tried to buy his first home a long, long time ago. As a buyer, he discovered that lenders didn’t take time to explain anything, nor did they make him feel like he was worth their time. He felt forced to make financing decisions without any guidance. Many, many years later The Spiegel Group was created to upon the foundation of an amazing business where we get to help awesome people. However, we have discovered that most people make decisions about financing their home in a vacuum, asking nothing more than interest rate. There is a lot more to financing a home than the rate, and this is where we make the biggest difference for our clients.

We are here to guide you, ask questions, and create strategies based on your financial plan…major life events like getting married, having children, paying for college and/or private school tuitions, building wealth, current and future debt loads, starting a business, retirement, downsizing or upsizing. Our relationship is a long term proposition, not a one shot get ‘em in and out the door. Ask any of the AMAZING Realtors and Financial Advisors that we work with and they’ll tell you our approach is holistic. We help our clients build wealth through real estate. We will show you how a home can be more than just another monthly payment!

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