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Robert Spiegel

RMLO/Production Manager

NMLS#: 198315

The Skinny:

• 23 years in the mortgage & real estate industry 

• Amateur chef. Loves cooking and claims to be a “foodie”

• Favorite dish to cook: anything Asian

• Automotive enthusiast – total gearhead.

• Secret obsession: legos & Costco

• Dog lover & rescue advocate, has a dog child named Coal who is a lab mix rescue

• Favorite restaurant: La Lucha 

• Art lover 

I LOVE real estate and helping people! I am a Residential Mortgage Loan Officer that has built a nearly 100% referral-based Mortgage business in Texas. Over the last 18+ years my team has created an environment that makes our clients confident in referring our services to their friends and loved ones.

We specialize in creating financing strategies for residential properties in Texas. Do you have a deal you want me to take a look at and give you my opinion? Feel free to email or call!

I specialize in Mortgage Planning and Advisory, meaning that I will teach you how to make smart investment decisions when purchasing & owning real estate. My services consistently deliver wealth building results for you so that they you can build equity, eliminate debt, and retire faster. I will show you how to make your home more than just another monthly payment.

My Personal History and Experience:

I was the first Loan Officer in Texas to obtain the designation of “Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist” and I am constantly ranked highest in customer satisfaction, which is why I receive a ton of repeat business. I am also ranked as a top 1% loan originator in the nation for residential mortgage loans.

In addition to my experience in the Mortgage Industry as Branch Manager, Production Manager, and Loan Officer, I have experience in commercial real estate site development, construction, commercial sales/leasing, and property management. Throughout the last two decades, I have been an active real estate investor, consultant, and flipped a lot of homes.

Basically, I LOVE to play the game of Monopoly in real life.


Licensed in Texas

I’m here to answer any questions you might have about our products and services. Feel free to contact me using any of the following methods:
(713) 961-5363
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